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I have never seen a game like this, not to this level. it was very "Portal"esque, with the ignorance. i just followed the puzzles, which were not to difficult, but required some thought. the game was fantastic, indescribably, and the ending was even better. if i don't see a sequel, i will probably smash my computer Lol, i'm flabbergasted by the sheer genius of this game.

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its kind of boring. i've played games like this before, and you could have done better.
sound: where is it?
1/10, because you (probably) tried


LOL i love this style, you get 9/10 for that.
you get the extra +1 point for the ending.
"You have tiger blood in you"
Made my laugh.




Very fun. but i get the feeling that it would get annoying if i continued to play, so the replay value is sorta dead. Lol, but overall:
good animation, 10/10
easy controls, 10/10
funny concept, 10/10
replay value, 5/10

overall: 9/10, 5/5 pictogram.


definitely not made for me.

i gave you a 2/5 pictogram, and a 7/10.
personally, this "doesn't appeal" to me, but i see what you're trying to do. i would've enjoyed it better with keyboard controls, because the click style is tedious. overall, good job

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DeLeonGames responds:

Thanks for the constructive suggestion! I actually went so far toward keyboard implementation as to detect the holding/release of the various keys, though I eventually weighed against connecting them to character movement for two reasons:

1- This is a port of an app I originally made for iPad and iPhone touch screens. It was designed with locational input in mind, and I worried whether platformer directional controls might trivialize the few jump puzzles.

2- I like that clicking the right side of each screen to advance feels a bit conceptually like turning the page in a (the!) book. I may be overplaying the importance of this aspect in my imagination, but I was on the lookout throughout development to keep it connected to its textual (as opposed to experiential) basis, the text itself being a known deviation/exaggeration of Thoreau's true experiences.

Thank you especially for not being harsh about audience mismatch. I struggle to find the right places to put the sort of things I make, since they're generally not games, yet they fit easiest and find the largest audiences within virtual spaces for hosting games. (Newgrounds seems a better community fit by far compared to Kongregate. For this particular project, at least.)


well i spent a few minutes trying to get past the 200ft mark, but i failed lol. it's a great game, and my only problem is the slippery movement, makes it hard to climb. you get a 9/10, for a near perfect game.

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A Game for the Eons!

This game is phenomenal, it brought me to tears! The engaging plot, sophisticated controls, and the intense game play just resonated with my VERY SOUL! I pity all those who do not get the chance to play "Super PSTW Action RPG" as they are missing out on something... of amazing proportions...
Bravo, good sir, BRAVO.

Uhm. wtfux is a blurb. LOL, anywayz, im awsum, deal with it. (spelling errors are 100% intended.) I do enjoy voice acting, so if anyone needs a character for a flash animation, or whatever, Hit me up. :D <Master Critic>

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