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Uhm. wtfux is a blurb. LOL, anywayz, im awsum, deal with it. (spelling errors are 100% intended.) I do enjoy voice acting, so if anyone needs a character for a flash animation, or whatever, Hit me up. :D <Master Critic>

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Posted by RegretfulExpert - March 23rd, 2011

So for today, i erased that whole schedule.
Instead of that, I'm going to make a request:
Anyone who thinks i have ANY potential as a voice actor, post a comment with a script or something, and ill read/act/narrate it. I'll still be thinking up something of my own, but if anyone wants any specific examples, feel free to post!

Today's plan

Posted by RegretfulExpert - March 22nd, 2011

So today was a good day. at the moment, my Voice Demo has a 4.26/5, so thats fantastic (despite only having 20~ views). My friend (INSERT NAME HERE) got me a black and white checkered wristband, that i have been DYING to get (See picture for emotional dramatization), so thats another plus!
So, i might do some narrations of one or two of my better reviews, give them a bit of character, and make my proverbial 'voice' heard here on newgrounds a bit better. im still trying to get started here, so anything helps.
Here's a link to my Demo

Anyway, later guys, im gonna do some more reviews.

(Yes my hair fails in that picture.)

Uhm... lacking a subject.

Posted by RegretfulExpert - March 21st, 2011

So today, i reviewed some more animations. oh, i got to blow my wistle for the first time too! some animation that was literally just an ad, got to blow it (LOL). Anyway, i uploaded a Voice Acting Demo, at the advice of Martin who commented on my previous post. at the moment, however, the moderators have yet to approve it... ill edit this when its posted.

Another good day

Posted by RegretfulExpert - March 20th, 2011

So yea, in my first day at newgrounds, i reviewed 16 flash animations/games, and 1 song. generally people seem to view my reviews as helpful, which makes me glad to see that I'm doing my part in the user-community. hopefully i will be recognized as a great critic in the near future, because god knows i could use the attention, what, being a new user and all.
p.s. For future reference, all of the pictures that i post in my news/blog/whatever this is, are all taken by me, and my Nikon D50.


Posted by RegretfulExpert - March 19th, 2011

So yea, FINALLY made my newgrounds account, and i hope to post some awesum stuffs on here. Haters beware, i wont really do much to stop you from anything Lol. but yea, i just got all my software downloaded to the laptop, so expect lots of "haha's"